Delaware 2

1/12/13: Sad news. Suzie is our first Angel. See Danielle’s Diary.

1/9/13: Marlene made it official. Suzie is staying with her.

12/21/12: Pictures of Suzie post-op.


12/17/12: The extraction went well. No tumor. Growth on eye removed. Suzie is doing well.

12/16/12: She’s better, swelling is down and we can see her eyeball again and she was feeling better too!!!! It’s a tooth….. YEAH!!!!!!!
She’s scheduled for a dental on Tuesday so as long as she’s still getting better tomorrow we’ll keep the Tuesday appt.

12/15/12: Today’s vet emergency, poor little Too/Suzie. Her face swelled up overnight, we’re praying that it’s a tooth issue. She was very painful at the vets. We decided to do bloodwork, she got some antibiotics (that can be put in a syringe w/water if needed) and she got a pain shot and pain meds. She is scheduled for anesthesia and x-rays on Tuesday but Dr Halderman said if she was no better Monday that she would treat her on her break that day. Everybody pray for a tooth issue….. she’s come so far we don’t want it to be cancer!!!!

Pictures from 12/7/12

12/7/12: Her name is Suzie now, and a new video is HERE.

12/4/12: A new picture of Too with Marlene.

11/23/12: New pictures of Too, who is feeling much better.

11/12/12: Video posted on YouTube (click here).

11/3/12: No new pics of 2 but when putting dogs back today she was up and the happiest I have ever seen her.

11/2/12: Added “after” pictures.

10/31/12: Dog two is a sad sack, she’s all greasy and scratchy to the point of bloody areas. She also had the worst ears so far and has to have special ear meds. She was put on cephalexin and pred as well as revolution and has a special shampoo. Am sure she would have loved for me to bathe her today but my priority was the surgical candidates today with the little time I had. My plan for her is to take off work tomorrow and she’ll be one of the ones I bathe. Once bathed i will bring her home to spend in my kennel building and then get her spayed. We did bloodwork on her too, don’t know results yet. Vet thinks she is under 7 so we’re calling her 6.