Delaware 3

6/29/16:  Poppy passed away.

1/22/13: Thought you would enjoy Poppy’s enthusiastic response to the Ravens win. She and Echo had to keep getting up when Mara and Bob were over the top in their cheering, so Poppy crashed as soon as the game was over.

1/15/13: Just wanted to give you an update on Poppy. She is doing much better than I thought she would. She basically likes to wander the yard, look for poop (which I am picking up as soon as I see anyone go) and lays down. She isn’t interested in chasing the ball or anything else that requires much movement, every once in a while she gets energy and runs around.
Last night was our first obedience class, now you have to know that Echo was the worst dog ever in class. She is a great dog, but on a leash around other dogs she goes nuts, so I ended up with blisters on my hands as she spun around the room! She made lots of improvements and at home worked fine, but up until the end she was “that dog” in the class no one wanted to be around!
Poppy was on the other hand absolutely perfect, we were in with a lot of retriever, lab, goldendoodle puppy, one two year old rescue lab and Poppy. She was a star, did all the commands, stayed by my side etc. The trainer thought someone had probably worked woth her before because she did so well (she could have at least said it was because of my excellent handling of the dog). Her only problem was by the end she was pooped out and all the sitting was getting to her little body so if the instructors talked too long or helped someone else, she laid down. I told Bob I actually was able to enjoy that class with her and it was fun. I am hoping it helps her socialize and bond with us more too, she followed me everywhere when we got home last night. You were right on when you said she had such potential to be a good dog and good fit for us, but from those first couple of weeks I would not have believed it. We both said she would be a great therapy dog, she is so low key and has such a good disposition around people, everyone loves her. I have been taking the dogs up when I drop in on my parents and both dogs just seem to know to be gentle around my dad and settle in for pets.
Gave her another bath and her skin is looking a lot better, think finally all the scabby stuff is gone, still on the doxiem but it is almost gone then I guess we need to see about a recheck. She even seems to have a bit of a waist now, we will weigh her next check at the vets to see how she is doing.

12/31/12: Update from Coni: Thought you might enjoy this! She had a great first Christmas being spoiled by all. My parents are crazy about her and Echo, which is funny because they wouldn’t even let our family dogs in the house when I was growing up. Going to do obedience training starting in January, thought it would be fun and give us more structure to practice.

12/12/12: Two Santa pictures from three’s home.

11/26/12: Two pictures from three’s foster home.

11/3/12: 3 was spayed previously so she only got knocked out and shaved. Her ears are a mess so she came home w/meds and a smile 🙂 Have a potential foster home for her, the kind of foster home that if they take her she won’t be coming back. Wahoo! She’s a senior too.

11/2/12: 3 was already spayed as I suspected, ears were awful, don’t know what meds she’ll need. She is older.

11/1/12: Female, scheduled for spay tomorrow but I think she’s already spayed. Wasn’t matted at all and was really easy to groom in spite of her not liking it one bit. Has some light skin issues and crusty goopy ears. Appears to be another senior, really sweet and my fav so far.