: Annie’s hips gave out and they couldn’t bear to let her suffer, so her family let her go.

5/21/2016: Pictures of Annie and her best buddy Ben.

8/3/2014: Annie girl — our little slice of heaven is enjoying Golden Colorado life. She is – we think – 8-ish? Not really sure – don’t really care. She’s ours – that’s all that matters. She’s still dealing with thyroid issues and we are getting her acupuncture and cold laser therapy for her hips which seem to bother her.

We just suffered the loss of our precious boy, (Annie’s older brother) Bentley two weeks ago. He was a gentle – adored older man and so dang patient when we brought her into our lives. He and Annie seemed to really connect and just liked hanging out with each other. We all miss him. Annie seems to sense that we all need a good smile and laugh – every day. Her new job is to do something so unbelievably adorable that I have to snap another photo and another…

This beautiful girl of ours is – as she has been from day one – the love of the neighborhood. Anytime a child walks by or a friend of Annies – she runs toward them, wags her tail and sits in front of them to wait patiently for that OOOOOHHH Annie .. you are so beautiful! I swear we just walk by homes and if she knows the person is someone who would normally be outside and happy to give her attention -she will plant her cute little butt down and wait – and make ME wait – to see if anyone is noticing that she’s arrived! She’s like her own little Prom Date or Homecoming Queen. I’ve yet to meet a puppy or person who she is not patient with, drawn to or excited to see.

Thank you for rescuing her – for loving her and for allowing Kirk and I to bring her to our home and just adore her. On November 19, 2012 we adopted Annie. We are grateful for her every single day since then.
11/27/12: Update from Annie’s home: Annie is doing really well…she adores us – adores her brother Bentley and he is doing so well with her – it’s truly surprising how quickly they became good with each other. She really defers to his mood and just sits as close as possible to him. He allows her to sniff him up close — it’s really cute to watch. She snores as loud as my husband – we both find this hysterical :)!! I’m going to video tape them sleeping – a great laugh will be had by all.

11/19/12: A picture of Annie and her new family.

11/12/12: Video posted on YouTube (click here).

11/2/12: 6 is a bigger girl (a little fat too) and i think spayed, can’t remember if her ears were goopy but they’ll check ’em out at the vets of course. real sweet and wasn’t a royal pain to bathe (no help today). i liked her, she’ll make someone a great pet. seems to be an easy dog and fyi, all these ‘non housetrained’ dogs are no longer pottying inside. marlene has them on a schedule and as a German lady from the old country you know that she never deviated from it 🙂