Delaware 9

5/8/13: Karla lost Chanel today.

2/11/12: The adoption is official.

1/22/12: I met Karla and Chanel at the vets this morning, Chanel was none too pleased once she realized where she was!! She’s having 1 mammary tumor, 1 growth in her mouth and 1 cyst on her left back foot/ankle removed.
Just heard from Dr taylor, she’s all done and everything went great. We’ll have biopsy results in about a weeks, paws crossed that her results are the same as all the others we’ve done so far….. benign!!! Her bloodwork was normal and her ears were still positive for Rods but 100% better than when we first got her in. She’ll continue w/another round of ear meds and get rechecked in 2 weeks when her sutures come out. Dr Taylor said her ear drums are intact which means that she’ll be able to hear normally once the infection is totally gone….. and we thought she’d be deaf….. HA….. see what good vet care and a loving home can do?

11/30/12: Nine went along on the trip to fetch the Pennsylvania dogs.

11/7/12: Nine is yet another love, looks like she was shaved at some point too. Her ears are bad, one really bad. She had a bunch of patches where the urine had matted her coat close to the skin so I took scissors to some and was able to brush out others. I thought she had a tumor at the base of her tail but it turned out to be a poop ball buried in the fur. She had a lot of little poop balls buried in her coat. I cut them out too cause i’m just a little tired of having little poop balls under my nails <lol>. One thing different about nine is that her nipples were all crusty and gross. Since I don’t know what’s going on I wasn’t about to scrub her but i did soak her belly a lot and pick at what I could. I figure her belly will get an extra good scrubbing tomorrow when she is spayed. She hated the whole bathing process from beginning to end and couldn’t be happier to get out of that darned grooming room!! She’s all over the place on the leash but not like the boys who like to try to trip you. Other dogs loved their shampoo massages. Nine, not so much, nine was done before I started <lol>.