Delaware 17

3/11/13: Oh boy! Mom is letting me use her iPad again. It is soooo fun. No one knows I’m a dog!
Anyway, just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. We got to go up the Colorado Trail this morning and it was so beautiful. I am a Snow Dog and we got to be real snow dogs out there today. Everyone asked about us and said how pretty we are. Yogi & I like having the humans making over us. It’s quite fun. They are fairly easy to impress, however. They don’t even have to sniff you all over to make a decision – hard to figure really. I am attaching some photos so you can see how gorgeous we look & how pretty it is.
Mom wants you to know that I did really well at the groomer. It was pretty good until the end when I was pretty tired and just over it. I am doing my best to get all dirty again, tho. I don’t want them to think I’m a wussy foo-foo dog. I’m getting in way better shape now and can do a couple or three miles walking no sweat. We can go on nice long hikes in the mountains this summer when I am stronger. Oh boy! Is that cool or what? I don’t really know what it’s all about but Yogi says it’s the Best!
Also, we want you to know that the tests came back negative on that nasty parasite. Yea!! We were all really happy about that. I hope my other old pack mates are ok too.
Well, it’s doggie dinner time so I have to sign off. They have awesome food here at Snow Dog Farm. I can’t wait! We get extra goodies on our nerds that are really yummy and sometimes I sneak a few bites of Yogi’s dinner too when he’s spacing out and looking around like a typical air brain goofy guy. Honestly, girls must be smarter. He is skinnier, however, so maybe he is pretty smart after all. Hummmmm… I hadn’t thought of that before.
Anyway, I am sending you love & a big lick & lots of wags. Maybe you can come visit us sometime. There is plenty of room here and we could even push Yogi off the couch so you could sit down. I haven’t forgotten all you did for me and hope all is well with you.
Lily (Diamond Lil)

2/21/13: Mom said I could use her iPad to send you a message and let you know I’m thinking of you.
I really like it here at Snow Dog Farm. It’s a cool place to be a snow dog. Yesterday I got to go for my first ever hike up the Colorado Trail. It was great with tons of good sniffs. Mom said I did really well and am learning, kinda, sorta, to follow her, ’cause she’s the alpha female in our pack. I kind of wanted to be, but I guess that’s not the plan!
The coolest thing that happened was that we got to all go to the grocery store afterward and then mom came out and set a whole bag of groceries down RIGHT next to me in the car while she was human-talking to her friend and I found a HUGE package of yummy ground beef in there while se wasn’t looking. I didn’t realize it wasn’t for me until she got a panicky look on her face and snatched it away (how rude), but I still got a good post-exercise protein snack. I hope she does that again but I kinda think it is unlikely. I’ll be ready for it, tho.
Walter, the Alpha Male, gave me a fancy dog-breeder name ’cause I didn’t have one like the other Sammie’s around here do. So, now I am “Snow Dog’s Diamond Lil” , Lily. Cool huh? I am have a native name now too which is “snorts like a pig, snarls like a wolf”.
My tummy is feeling really good now and I don’t have a stinky butt anymore although that goofy Yogi likes to sniff it sometimes. Boys are so silly! My eyes are better too and the humans are rinsing them with saline. I went to the vet and they were really nice to me and now Aunt Bonnie sent my records we will be all up to date. Dad registered my chip with our iPad. I am on the green bean diet but I still get lots of good stuff – chicken & rice & burger & cookies & string cheese. I am learning to “sit” now and it’s pretty easy. I’m not sure what the point of this “come” thing is, but I’m trying to keep an open mind ’cause it seems really, really important to the humans.
Well, we will be in touch & mom promises to send you some pictures of me & my new pack.
Lily (Cariad)

2/10/13: The Rescue Gods were looking down on us and a family was referred to us by one of our DSA club members that was looking for an older dog to be with their 7 year old boy. Cariad, now renamed Lily, was officially adopted on 1/31/2013, by a family that lives in Durango, CO, that is about 6 hours south of Denver. They live on 35 acres, and based on the pictures and stories we have received thus far, she has hit the jackpot.

1/31/13: #17, now named Lily, with Bonnie and Drudwyn.

11/12/12: Video posted on YouTube (click here) and new pictures added below.
11/8/12: Dog 17 will be heading to Denver Samoyed Rescue next Monday.

11/7/12: Another sweet senior w/bad ears and skin issues. She was greasy and scaly and has a really bad patch of skin below her chin. She was great for the brushing and bathing and blowing and after the bath I used some of two’s special shampoo on her bad spot. I cut a lot of big matts from behind
her ears and she absolutely LOVED her shampoo massages. She was thrilled to be done with the clean up and the extra time outside teasing the boys.