We are a non profit group of volunteers who hate the idea of even one adoptable Samoyed being euthanized at a shelter, or running loose in the street, or chained outside, ignored and alone or... So, we have banded together to save those that we can. We take them in, provide veterinary care, foster care, training and TLC until an appropriate adoptive home can be found.


Our rescue dogs come to us in many different ways. No matter how they get here, they all share the desire to have a home of their own and the friendly, loving, adaptable temperament that Samoyeds are known for. All of that along with the famous Sammy smile!


If you are looking for a wonderful family dog or a companion that keeps you laughing and gives total, unconditional love, please consider helping us save a smile, or two, or three, or…


Officially, we cover:

Maryland, Washington DC, and parts of Pennsylvania,

But we will help out wherever there is a Samoyed in need.

If you have a dog in need, Click Here to email us.
We will get back to you right away.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, fill out and mail the application on the "Adoption Process" page. Please give us time to respond, because we are still working through applications already received.

MASR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax-deductible. To donate, please click the PayPal button below.


2012 Delaware & Pennsylvania Dogs
Important Notice - UPDATED January 2015


Louis was diagnosed with Neospora Caninum and passed away in August. Bunky, who was tested negative originally, is now positive. Any DE or PA dog showing neurological issues or rear end weakness should test for Neospora Caninum. Even if they tested negative before, it should be considered & the test should be rerun. If another comes up positive, you should probably also test other dogs in the household as it could have been passed from that dog to the other(s).

      Click on "DE/PA Dogs" for the index of those dogs.

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