Delaware 13

2/9/13: Four new Bear pics.

1/20/13: Bear will be staying with Jeanne.

11/17/12: 13 is happy and doing really well. Foster dad adores him as he doesn’t do anything wrong, except for maybe his paper fetish. Apparently foster dad has some boxes w/glassware packed up, 13 has been unpacking for him:) The only problem 13 has is slippery floors but he is getting used to them and foster dad will be putting down rugs this weekend.13 is still stained and he does chew on his front legs but he’s a really gorgeous boy, is house trained and still looking for a forever home.

10/31/12: Thirteen got a bath today. Still looks bad but smells better. He will be neutered tomorrow and will spend the night at the vets and then go into foster care. Thirteen has disgusting ears so I expect he’ll need an ear cleaning, smear and meds. He appears to be an older guy, was bewildered and withdrawn when I first met him but is developing a little spunk with the great care he’s gotten from Marlene at the kennel.