Pennsylvania 3

6/19/14: I can honestly say – for never having had even a thought of more than 1 dog, I am so happy – thrilled ecstatic beyond words with having both boys. Prince – grateful for any attention but gets a lot – and Remington who feels the world should revolving around him exclusive bring smiles to my heart.

The fears of 2 male dogs was/is understood and I am grateful that Remington is very playful and Prince with a very high tolerance of his brother. He is after a year and a half sort of fighting back when Remington grabs his tail and drags to the living room to come play. But Prince has never shown a speck of aggression. What a wonderful boy he is.

This an older photo, for although they still try to share the same crate on occasion, Remington is perhaps a little less than 1/2 Prince’s weight – 45 pounds and Prince is at 72 lbs. but doing well – could do better is he would take those walks with us but he prefers to stay around the house and make sure it is still there for Remi and I to come home too. Prince is making progress – his circle has clearly gotten larger – he will now venture to the cul de sac and will run to our neighbor’s garage to greet her – she has treats! Car rides not anything he enjoys but I keep trying – he at least needs to see the vet or groomer on occasion. – he just had eye surgery for an ulcer – so no photos for a while longer unless we want that black eye shown.

As you see I started showing Remington ( all local stuff). He wins his class ever time (no other entry in his class) and finally competed with 4 other Sammys last week but they were all in need of final points. Maybe some day we will all go on a road trip and compete. ahahahah

12/30/12: New pictures of Prince. He is still fearful outdoors, but his new Mom has a lot of patience and he is improving.

12/20/12: Prince is adopted and lives in Florida now. Here are four new pictures.

12/16/12: Today was bath day.

12/9/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.