Pennsylvania 4

1/12/13: Update from Loki’s new home. OK, we’ve had Loki for a week now. He’s made a LOT of progress!!!! We don’t think he knew stairs, but he picked that up real quick. He hasn’t been upstairs in the house yet, but he goes up and down the stairs to the deck all the time.
We weren’t sure whether he was house trained or not. The first night he lifted his leg on a “tree” in the living room. But that room has been peed in a lot by Chief and other dogs, so there’s got to be some remaining odors and what dog could resist a tree?? But he hasn’t done any more peeing inside since, so all is good.
Weren’t sure how he’d like the snow. We were wondering if he has sensitive paw pads if he might not like it. NO worry, he loves it.
Romps, jumps, runs, plays, and eats it just fine. We did have some trouble when we let him loose in the back yard, he just doesn’t want to come back in (yes, Danielle, we know you warned us, but he loves it).
Part of the problem is that he really wasn’t comfortable being in the house, so he likes the yard and the deck, anything to be outside. We started taking him out on a leash and practicing “come”. It’s only been a day or two, but he’s already catching on. Plus, he now doesn’t mind being in the house and will actually come in without us bringing him in. He does seem to like to be invited, though. He’s made amazing progress in just the last few days!! And we just introduced him to the basket of toys we’ve got and he loves trying to figure out which one to take and keeps coming back to trade off to another one.
Loki absolutely LOVED the grooming he got on Saturday. Danielle at Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym and Inn was amazed with the boy. (we were amazed with her!) We were not expecting her to be able to do the full grooming the first time and neither was she, but it happened. She said he was perfect up on the table and if we take him for another we’d be able to get a groomer in training which is a lot cheaper and they’re supervised so it’s “safe”. He was there from 1:00 until 5:00 and looks like a new boy! He still has stains on his feet and a few places on his body, (due to his past living conditions) but hopefully in time that will get better. We just put him in the back seat and not his crate coming home from his grooming and he was a perfect boy riding, just laid down.
His pacing has cut down considerably (inside and out). He is now sleeping inside the house without being kept in the powder room. We have been working with the “Come” command and he is picking it up really fast! He’s started to bark a little, but we’ll work with that as times goes on. We don’t want him to just bark all the time and bother the neighbors, but it’s good to hear that he can bark! He seems quite interested in the two Great Pyrenees next door. Maybe we can get them together this summer.
We took Chief with us to drop Loki off for the grooming (Chief loves to ride and go shopping with us). That was Chief’s weekend highlight. He has not had any energy this weekend at all 🙁 A lot of laying around and sleeping. There are times now that he does not want to take any of his medicine, even when smothered in squirt cheese. We make him take it, but hate to have to do it that way. Hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow and his energy level picks up. He is having no problem eating his dinner, treats or frozen yogurt but is not eating his cottage cheese. And yes, Loki now loves the frozen yogurt, too.
Without a tail, everyone thinks he looks like a small polar bear! A couple of people at the groomer’s didn’t know he was missing it till we mentioned it. They thought it was just down between his legs.
Here are four pictures. first is of Danielle the groomer with Loki after his grooming (isn’t he cute???); next is of Loki eating his “ice cream” (frozen yogurt); then one of Loki just relaxing; and finally of Loki looking in the back door (this is before he’d actually come in without us catching him and bringing him in) with Chief lying down behind him.​
1/7/13: First picture of Loki and Chief.

1/6/13: Loki is adopted! Picture below.

12/9/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.
12/7/12: For a new video of Loki, click HERE. His video identifies him as PA3, but it shows Loki.

12/5/12: Fine post surgery and also Lymes+. Heard back on the boy’s ‘representative’ fecal that it was positive for Hookworms. Will start treating all of them Saturday after the anesthesia has worn off.