Pennsylvania 10

6/19/13: Anya and Laila are both doing well. Six months in and Anya still barks at the kids when they walk down the stairs, make too much noise, walk into whatever room she is in, but overall she is much better. Both now LOVE their walks, it was a tough haul getting them to that point but now both are excited as heck when the closet door is opened, even if you are not reaching up for their leashes!
House training has been a challenge, Laila no longer pees in the house, Anya does if she needs to go (she does not always remember to “tell” me she needs to go out), but it’s getting better progressively. The odd poop here and there but I try to make sure they get out RIGHT after eating and that seems to help. I have a dog walker come in on the days I am in the office and again it was a long haul to get them to let her touch them but they are all friends now… they will even let people we meet out on walks touch them, which is HUGE for them especially Anya. They were initially quite destructive when left alone, that had almost diminished but for some reason the other day “someone” stole a shoe and a toy. I think the turning point for letting people touch them was we went away on vacation in May and they were all boarded (together) for 10 nights… I had left them there for a night in March as a test run. The kennel said they were great, they followed Dawson everywhere and when let off leash in the play yard they always went back in ok and let the staff touch them.
They know some basic commands, sit, “inside” (I yell that at the door and they are in like a shot!), drop it, they still pull a bit when walking but again much better and no longer bark when someone enters the house, well initially out of excitement but then they chill out and go lie down 🙂
Laila’s coat is stunning, she is so silky and soft. Anya has a thicker coat, but they are both filling out beautifully and love to be brushed!
They both adore the cats, and the cats them (yeah!). New picture below.

1/30/13: Things are settling in….sort of…with the 2 new ones it’s hard to know for sure who is the troublemaker or if they are cajoling Dawson into participating!!! Anya has settled in pretty well…..she is house trained now (except if she is upset then she does #2), so I have learnt not to take the other 2 out without her. She loves scratches, gives kisses and wags her little tail…lots! She knows her name, comes when called (most of the time), mostly sits on command and will “shake a paw”, will drop whatever is in her mouth when told “drop it”. …..and she is learning “leave it” as she likes to bark at the cats, she doesn’t go after them, she just likes to bark at them. Oh and she runs like the wind into the kitchen when she hears the cookie container opening! Anya still barks at the kids if they are at the top of the stairs and she is not, and if they make any sort of banging noise, I’m going to start having my 7 year old feed them their meals so that they can hopefully transfer some of the “love” to them. I am still followed everywhere I go and oddly even if they see me go into the basement I hear them running everywhere looking for me, there truly is no secret escape hatch from the basement! Not sure if both or only one suffer from severe separation anxiety but some days I can leave for 10 minutes and something has fallen victim. She is fine in the back yard without me, as long as either Laila or Dawson is with her. Oddly they like hard plastic toys (think McDonalds toys) even though there are plenty of dog toys around. Walking with Anya is a challenge, she is petrified and I am almost literally dragging her, I even tried luring her with bits of hot dog but she had no interest, she is still walking a bit in circles on the leash bit that is improving. I was thrilled we made it around the big block yesterday!!! We do play lots in the backyard and she has learnt when I do the sudden lunge at her that I am playing and she runs around the yard at full speed. She is so funny when she chases a ball or Laila she leaps and pounces off all 4 feet. She is quite a devil as she will take Dawsons favorite toy and then dangle it in front of him She did her 2nd dose of Panacur and we retested and still positive for hookworm, so all 3 are on a monthly dose of Strongid-T. She still does not like her crate and creates quite a ruckus in it so leaving her in there during the day is not an option (my neighbours would hate me), they both wear Thundershirts and take a homeopathic Anxiety remedy, I had my vet order the Royal Canin Calm food so we will start that on Friday…..this separation anxiety is a tough one but we need to work through it……I need to set up my camera to see who the culprit really is and then deal from there. They went for their first grooming and came home looking beautiful 5 hours later! Love my groomer, she grooms a bit then crates, then grooms and crates so it make it easier on the dog. They are however (understandably so) petrified of the car and I could see them visibly shaking from the hatch. I have started car desentisization……just putting them in the back of the car, them taking them back out….will build up to short rides. Need to get them ok with this as I want to take them for some training and be able to take them places without the “accidents” and the shaking in the car. Both sleep on the floor in my room at night….with no “accidents”!!
Below are three new pictures:
– the three are left to right Dawson, Anya, Laila
– the girls after their grooming Laila and Anya
– A happy smiling Anya
12/23/12 Update from their new Mom: An update on how Anya and Laila are doing… a word amazing! I am stunned at their behaviour, I was totally prepared for the worst and it’s been great.

My 7 year old daughter and I met Danielle’s SIL in a McD’s parking lot, we took the dogs out one at a time to let them pee and stretch their legs….they wanted nothing to do with anything and literally jumped into my car. I had brought one big crate for the both of them and while it was tricky getting one in without the other getting out it was done! Not a peep out of the for the next 5 and a bit hours. I had to stop at a store to pick up a few things and my daughter said “I’ll stay in the car with the dogs to keep them company” and she insisted on placing the portable DVD player where the dogs could also watch it! I thought they would know “Gangham Style” by the time we got home 🙂 We made it home and one at a time I got them out of the car…..our house has 4 steps at the front, Laila bounded up and my sister held her leash while I went back to get Anya. She was more sceptical of the stairs but she did them. Once inside it was almost a lovefest. Both of them getting scratches and loving and loving it! Up to today they were my shadows everywhere I went they were right behind me, outside they stick pretty close by also. They both seem to know their new names, especially Anya and come when they are called. Anya’s personality is coming out and I do think she is younger than 2…..she is so playful…. grabbing Laila’s tail and tugging on it, chewing toys, picking up shoes/stuffed animals/socks and running off with them. She has a devilish glint in her eyes! Laila is a sweetheart and her little tail wags alot, but gently. She seems to be easily tired, one little jaunt thru the yard and she’s in lying down. Guess she’s just not used to the exercise. All in all though they are both pretty calm. Anya is ok outside with just me, but if I take Laila out by herself she is at the door looking in for Anya, it’s like she knows to look out for her. Dawson, our almost 12 year old Sammy, is loving it as he is getting more attention from us than normal to ensure he does not get jealous. They are not playing together with him yet, but I am hoping that will come. Anya and Laila are both pretty spry….the surprised me by easily jumping the baby gate and the couch to get out of the kitchen, needless to say I need to be more creative and have not left them out in the kitchen when I leave the house. The crate is definitley what Laila especially is used to and she goes in there to nap on her own. I am crating the 2 of them at night and I curse whoever taught them that 6:15AM was a fine time to get up! House training is coming along….. not bad on the pees, but the BM’s….. we can be outside for 20 minutes…. we come in and no less than 3 minutes later… sigh… it will come it’s only been 3 full days. They both now bound up and down the full flight of stairs, and they have learned to slow down on the way down so they don’t slide across the floor at the bottom!

Thanks to the other parents who have posted about their pups, I do notice they both drink a lot of water, but I think part of that is that they are not used to being inside and they are hot, I will continue to monitor that. Also with the barking, I realized this morning I had not heard Laila bark, and then outside she did….it’s a very deep bark, she also whimpers a lot when we are outside. I have not heard her “woo”…..

On a funny side note, my 2.5 year old has one of those “furreal” puppies and Anya was carrying it around last night, I took it from her (teaching them “drop it” and Anya is getting it!) then I placed it on the floor and pushed the bottom and thee puppy whimpers and barks the 2 of them were over to me in a flash, pushing the “puppy” with their noses, it was cute… sad but cute.

They are a bit cautious of my kids, I think the kids have too many sudden moves for them, but we are also working on that.

All in all I am pleased to report that Anya is not fearful, she comes willingly, gives little kisses and I’ve been able to take things out of her mouth, open her mouth, and take the food bowl away when she is eating, she’s been fine with all of it, and she’s a leaner!! Laila is also a total sweetheart, she gives big kisses and I can also do pretty much anything to her, but she is not fond of the eardrops. I think I will take her to the vet tomorrow to have them show me the proper way to do it as I’m not sure if I am or not!

One good thing about them not ever eating human food is unlike Dawson they lie down when we eat and don’t beg!!! They have not met our cats yet……they have been banished to the basement, Anya was in the crate the 1st night and one walked by and she had a full out barking fest….. will introduce them all after Christmas.

Diane, Ciera and Tienna

12/21/12: PA10 (Rina) and PA16 (Seraphina) are on the way to Canada.

12/9/12: Pictures posted of PA10 & PA16 together.
12/7/12: For a new video, click HERE.

12/6/12: Being spayed today, we microchipped her last night, no lumps so all should be fine. (Lymes NEG)