Pennsylvania 13

June 20, 2014: I can honestly say – for never having had even a thought of more than 1 dog, I am so happy – thrilled ecstatic beyond words with having both boys. Prince – grateful for any attention but gets a lot and Remington who feels the world should revolving around him exclusive bring smiles to my heart.

The fears of 2 male dogs was/is understood and I am grateful that Remington is very playful and Prince with a very high tolerance of his brother. He is after a year and a half sort of fighting back when Remington grabs his tail and drags to the living room to come play. But Prince has never shown a speck of aggression. What a wonderful boy he is.

Of course this is an older photo for although they still try to share the same crate on occasion, Remington is perhaps a little less than 1/2 Prince’s weight – 45 pounds and Prince is at 72 lbs but doing well – could do better is he would take those walks with us but he prefers to stay around the house and make sure it is still there for Remi and I to come home too.

Prince is making progress – his circle has clearly gotten larger – he will now venture to the cul de sac and will run to our neighbor’s garage to greet her – she has treats! Car rides not anything he enjoys but I keep trying – he at least needs to see the vet or groomer on occasion. – he just had eye surgery for an ulcer – so no photos for a while longer unless we want that black eye shown.

As you see I started showing Remington ( all local stuff). He wins his class ever time (no other entered in his class) and finally competed with 4 other Sammys last week but they were all in need of final points. Maybe some day we will all go on a road trip and compete. ahahahah

5/15/13: Prince has a way to go with his coat but his undercoat is coming in thick and no longer falling out. Remington has nearly doubled in size since we were blessed with him joining us and Prince is very protective and incredibly gentle with him and his wild moments. Pictures below are Prince and Remington.

​4/29/13: Prince is making wonderful progress and loves his baby brother, Remington.
He found his voice but is a good boy and uses it when necessary.
He’s very smart and I’m so happy he’s in my life. Walking much better but has a preference to wait for either early morning hours or late night. 3 am is perfect – no one and no “noises.”
He’s very noise sensitive – except for Remington’s constant bark. That’s my sensitivity.
His undercoat has for the most part stopped falling out and so as it thickens is long silvery top hair is beginning to stand up.
He is gorgeous and has such a regal stand but mostly he’s so gentle and loves hugs and kisses.
Remi is 3 months and loves Prince – from the moment they met one month ago.
3/11/13: A new video of Prince HERE (in MOV format).

1/31/13 (pics added 2/2): The past few days have been really good and heartwarming. That tail has great movement when he sees me and it goes up & wags as he trots to the front door and waits for his leash to get hooked and we go out.
He’s not 100% about being outside for he spends more time listening and looking for boogey men than taking care of business. We’ve begun walking about a half mile from home now – and we go a little more every couple of days.
The sled dog action is less and less and half of our walking time – usually the trip home is pleasant and he walks almost at my side.
He still works that new trick with standing and walking on his hind legs and front paws on arm or back as I continue to walk. It’s so funny. Oh please please. So leaving our yard is still “OMG do we have to go down there”?
He’s a wonderfully happy dog, is Sammy Smart! and so young in spirit. He dances when he is waiting for me to do something he likes – besides treats. So if he is 6 years, he is truly a young 6 and has a grand personality!
He is filling in so nicely and his coat coming in nicely – it’s soft, white silvery tip really looking good. His gait is quite impressive too. He trots beautifully. He has such a natural & elegant stand too. Those back legs seem perfectly placed each time he stops to look and listen as he determines whether it is safe to proceed.
He has had an accident now and then. But in what 6 weeks? – there’s been only 5 inside incidents of watering the tile or an area rug. I’m sure he felt there was a good reason even if I didn’t.
All and all he’s has adapted well, I think quite fast and we both know how much we love each other.
I am going to have good really good photos in a couple of days: His before and after. I wish I could take him on a road trip to come visit you Danielle! (pictures below)
1/19/13: He’s grown very comfortable in his new home and this is a typical position (picture below).
His tail wags a lot but I’m still waiting for it to be up on his back.
And if course we continue working on the outside issues several times a day. I think and feel he’s made terrific progress. He’s added some meat to those bones and his coat doing nicely. I could be wrong but tonight might have been his first time experiencing the rain? He was very uncomfortable walking in it but sure loved the big towel rub down when we got back inside. OMG I love this boy!!

1/12/13: Prince is making good progress. He’s pretty comfortable in the house. Still prefers his crate but definitely comes out to sleep on the cool tile when I’m quiet in my bed.
He loves being brushed and goes full on his back with the remains of his family jewels on display Just so his belly can get a good brushing too.
His fur is growing in and getting softer and whiter and he is a wonderful treasure.
This afternoon was the first time he has made sound. It wasn’t a bark and wasn’t one of those a famous oooooh but something in between for he wanted my attention.
Walking remains a terrible fear for him as is being loose in my back yard. He just runs the perimeter. I sit and watch but he just runs back and forth to the door. After 30 to 40 minutes I end that ordeal and we go back inside. We try this once a day.
He does understand the “lets go pee” and has gotten easier with getting the lease attached and then he heads directly to the front door a quick left turn and on squats on the grass. When he’s done he is ready to immediately go back inside and the tug of war begins.
I did have a terrible incident last night. He got away from me. We were at the end of my street – 10 homes, he took off up the street – much faster than I have ever run.
I got home expecting to jump in my car but there he was pacing at the front door and anxious to go inside.
I have no words to express my terror but thanked God all night and told Prince how wonderful and smart he is!
So now the leash goes around me.
I am trying to find a Vet – all my dog friends seem to change vets every year. But will come up with one.

1/9/13: Update on Prince (his new name) from his new family: We have been having a great time getting to know Prince, as we decided to continue calling our pup, in spite of the early picture/name mix up. (I was compelled to not encourage a possible bad habit by calling him Chase.)
He checked out great with our mobile vet: He got his kennel cough booster, has healed well from neutering and his stool was clear of all parasites so I did not have to continue hookworm treatment. I got him six months of heartworm and Frontline. Once the cat was checked out and treated the vet was due over $500…and the money pit of pet ownership begins…
We are having trouble getting call backs regarding home training, but he is doing well with “sit”, sometimes he will “come” and he is learning “stay.” We will get some help with training soon.
His leash skills are actually quite good. We take him to the park most days to run and play with a ball. I know he needs lots of exercise. I just don’t know how much is enough. He gets many short walks a day as we learn his potty signals/habits and a half mile to full mile walk plus the time at the park. Sometimes he seems to have had enough.
Besides bad breath, which the Vet said we should wait until he is settled to consider teeth cleaning (and they aren’t that bad anyway) our only difficulty has been his unhappiness about being alone. He and the cat are NOT friends yet and he barks if crated and we are in the house. He has not learned stairs yet so
he roams the first floor most nights, but always gets into trouble. Maybe more exercise…? He may end up sleeping in our room, but my cold is lingering and I am not sure if I am allergic to him. Good thing we love him so much, because we have not sleep the night through since he arrived! And we do LOVE him.
He does not love my middle son, Mack though. I think he has a thing against men with facial hair….Mack has shaved and is going to start feeding him his dinner to create a bond.
12/21/12: Chase has been adopted!

12/7/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.
12/7/12: A new video of Chase is HERE.
12/6/12: Chase is acting totally normal, he’s the other Lymes NEG dog.

12/3/12: PA13 is also microchipped so this is his name and he does know it. Marlene calls him the decorator because he redecorated his kennel run the first night there. The top of his first kennel had a chainlink ceilling w/blankets stored on top … he pulled several through the chainlink overnight. Needless to say he’s not in that kennel anymore <lol> This boy is high energy and well rounded, at optimum weight he should be at least 60lbs, he’s definitely not that now. He was very good for his bath until it was time for water, these guys don’t seem to like the water part. Chase needs a job, he’s a busy boy and will do well with someone that will work him. He’s not fond of other males but does love the girls.