Pennsylvania 18

2/5/15:  Chase is gone.

8/23/14: August 4, on the day after the anniversary of the seizure of the Pennsylvania dogs, we received incredible news about Chase and his heart condition. The cardiologist removed all time limitations on his life and said, “we are in uncharted territory here. This kind of great stuff rarely happens.” Chase’s heart had shrunk to normal size and his mitral valve was showing almost no blood flowing back into it. No more month predictions.. .Chase is totally clear.

As Danielle can tell you, a month after I adopted Chase my primary vet saw his enlarged heart in x-rays and we rushed him down to the cardiologist, who gave him three to six months to live. Though I didn’t say this to Danielle at the time because I was too shaken up, I vowed to myself that there was no way in hell that he was going to have just a few months of his life outside of the terrible conditions he lived in Pennsylvania. Just no way in hell. Jobs became secondary. Carter and I were going to team up to bring Chase back from what the place he was in. Last month we celebrated a year and a half of Chase being a part of Carter and my family.

But this news even eclipsed the year and a half anniversary. He has no more time limitations on him. To see the echocardiogram in February 2013 and to see what it was now was unreal. Absolutely a miracle. Just about as unreal as it gets.

What you did in saving all of those souls in Pennsylvania and Delaware two years ago was an affirmation of all that is good and right in this world. Carter, Chase, and I are a happy family because of it. Well, Carter does her best, since she clearly can’t stand all the “icky” affectionate nature of Chase sometimes. 🙂 She runs a tight ship and there is no room for all this constant lovey-dovey stuff!!!! 🙂

I have attached our picture from the Fire Department this year (we had it done in March…best one of me yet!!!), and a couple other recent shots.

1/19/13: First of all, Chase is the MAN!!!! He is a very friendly and loving dog who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He has an inquisitive spirit and is a lot of fun. As you know, Chase came from the Pennsylvania seizure with a lot of difficulties. At our first visit to the vet, we found that he was anemic and that his paws were really raw and infected. We knew he had Lyme’s Disease beforehand. The vet noted that he was undernourished as well (he is now eating a TON!!!!). One frustrating thing for him is that he has never climbed stairs and we will be working on that over the next few days. My other Rescue Samoyed Carter (adopted nine years ago from Mid-Atlantic Samoyed Rescue) is the same age as him (11 years old) and, though she is very patient with Chase, she has let him know she is the Alpha!!!! Its important for you to know how very excited we are to have Chase be a new member of our family. We love him dearly and he is already a hit around the neighborhood with the kids!!!! He now goes to Its a Pet Thing (in Pasadena… and they are the best!) on Tuesday for his first grooming!!!! (new picture below)
And from Danielle: As an addition to this update Chase is on the tail end of the Doxycycline for the Lymes disease and answers to his name “Chase”. I feel bad that I didn’t check his paws but he never showed any signs of limping or difficulty walking. Am uber thrilled that Matt has him now, he couldn’t have landed in a better home if I had tried….. best part is that I didn’t try:) Chase is learning stairs with a little help from a leash and treats. Lastly, all these guys have been underweight due to several factors; infestation of hookworms, intense pacing, being intact and who knows what their weights were like before we got them. Thankfully all are starting to gain weight now that they’ve been neutered/spayed and dewormed:)
I might go back to “It’s A Pet Thing” on Tuesday to take before and after pictures of Chase….. depends on what the impending ‘snowstorm’ brings. Danielle doesn’t do icy or snowy roads.

1/14/13: This is the boy who was originally labelled as Pa18/Prince/dog aggressive and who, once scanned was in reality Chase/Pa13 and has been dog aggressive towards specific Pa boys.
Chase is 11 yrs old and wasn’t getting any inquiries, I was starting to get worried about him being at the kennel indefinitely. I shouldn’t have worried, I should know after all these years that there is always that special home for every dog.
Matt’s parents bought a puppy from me 20+ yrs ago. They were an awesome home. Adult Matt contacted me when their pup passed away at 13 or 14 yrs old and discovered that I was now rescuing needy Samoyeds. He became an A-1 volunteer specializing in play dates and transports (mostly play dates) He would come to the boarding kennel if we had dogs there and take them for the day or weekend. Then we got ‘Carter’ from one of the DC shelters and Matt and Carter fell in love. She was a difficult little Princess as she hated other dogs. Matt adopted her and from then on they were inseperable. He still did the occasional transport but Carter was his world and he spent all free time with her.
A few weeks ago he sent us a much bigger than normal donation and 2 days ago sent me an email stating that he wanted to adopt one of the De or Pa dogs. Carter is 11 now and mellowed considerably but it had to be a boy dog to make things as easy as possible. Choices were 10 yr old De13/Thunder/answers to Bear or 11 yr old Pa13/chase, Chase was still in the kennel so Chase it was:)
Matt and Chase met in the now famous courtyard at the kennel, Matt hunkered down and Chase ran right into his arms, I almost cried. Chase even ignored Marlene until she gave him a treat. There was little to no discussion, Chase was going home w/Matt ungroomed (I didn’t have time and Matt didn’t care) and they were going to make it work …. period:)
So….everybody cross your paws that Carter accepts stinky Chase quickly. Pictures below.
12/9/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.
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