Pennsylvania 19

2/4/14: After a couple weeks of decline, Kirby became sick a few days ago. He also had rear end weakness, probably nerve damage, and possibly because of his Lyme disease. He crossed the bridge on January 31.

5/12/13: He’s doing well. He likes to lay beside me while I’m in the rocker. He really likes the Baby and readily shares his space with her and checks her out. His signature is the paw curl. New picture below.

1/26/13: His favorite of all spot is against me like my pj’s and he loves to greet the kids when they come home.

1/17/13: Kirby is doing really well. Has a more than healthy appetite. He’s still a bit of a fish out of water on my floors that have no carpet but he’s starting to maneuver them better. He likes the kids and I’m his favorite I think. He does a whole skip and bounce through the house when I come home. He is learning my words I use as key words for the other dogs and in the last few days no longer fights going into the crate but he slightly verbally protests for a bit. Right now he’s beside my bed on the floor. I will be taking him to the vet here as his ears are junky again. There are some genetic factors with ear issues so we will get that cleared away. Hs still weak in the rear but better and if my back yard wasn’t a mud pit, I’d opt to bathe him here. 🙂

12/9/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.
12/8/12: For a new video of Kirby, click HERE.

12/6/12: Kirby is doing great and Marlene says is even walking better. (Lymes+). The enlarged testicle was a hernia that has been successfully fixed.

12/1/12: Kirby is a love, we know he’s 11 yrs old and as an fyi, he’s already adopted and will go live w/a littermate once neutered (neuter scheduled for Tuesday). His neuter is going to be a bit more involved as he has one normal testicle and one that is severely enlarged. I’ll feel it myself tomorrow (Marlene beat me to it today – such fun we old ladies have huh?) to see how lumpy the big one is. If it turns out to be cancer I will hope that it has stayed in the testicle and has not metasticized anywhere… regardless… that nasty thing is coming off asap!!!