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4/10/15: Well time for an update, but suppose the good news is that there is not much to update. Teddy’s last eye exam showed very little increase in his cataracts. His health has been fine and he continues to allow us to share his abode. Has taken a love of singing along with the fire siren. However, those 2 and 3 in the morning calls only solicited a sad moan or two.

The attached photos were before we had to break the news to him that this is probably the last snow for the season. However, not making us sad!

5/28/14: Well, since our Tedster is the Man of the Month for May, it seems fitting to give an update on his progress. Let me not get carried away, I know we are doting parents but, Teddy is just the perfect dog. Extremely smart, well behaved, loves everyone, demands attention, and has become a total lover. In other words, he is in complete control! Having said all that, I know that it can be repeated many times over by those who have adopted a Samoyed, so we share in their joy.
Teddy is doing very well, his last checkup on his eyes showed no discernable change in his cataracts which pleased us! He still has an eye for Dr Kathryn Wotman, his ophthalmologist.
The photos are one year after his calendar shoot, yes the ball remains but barely, and only because he has limited access to it.
Many thanks to the MASR team for making this happen!
8/28/13: We had Teddy to the ophthalmologist for a six month follow-up on his cataracts. Was hoping for some better news, they found that there was a mild increase in the cataracts located on the back of the lens. On the bright side, when they are located on the back they have a lesser effect on his vision. That said, they cannot predict how quickly they will increase or even if they will increase at the same rate. We will be taking him again in six months for another evaluation. At this point we do not see any effect on his way of life, he can still see a rabbit or squirrel at a considerable distance, which keeps him happy! (and us!)

4/30/13: He is still very much in control of us, no toy is safe as you can see. The hit of the neighborhood to say the least, loves everyone especially little people. So different in that regard from our previous rescue (Sir). Those who knew Sir are a bit unprepared for Teddy, as for most Sir was the only Samoyed they had ever met never having never been exposed to the true Sammy personality.

4/7/13: Can’t put it any other way than to say he is a complete perfect fit for us!
Last Saturday we took him up to a Masonic home in Burlington NJ to visit my sister-in-law who lives there. We had their blessing in advance that he was welcome in their facility, he behaved as a prefect gentleman. I did find Teddy to be a total “chick” magnet, that is the good news, the bad news is the “chicks” were all over 90 or seemed that way. Life is cruel, however on the up side….. when it is time for me to move in there he is coming along to break the ice!

2/21/13: The folks took me for a ride the other day, before I knew it I was smelling that unique fragrance of a place where they tell you how cute you look, and then poke, prod, and stick you. I really was not too sure I wanted to be there, or even to stay around very long. The folks just sat there like there was nothing to it, but somehow I did not feel their confidence. However, I was glad I did not object too much, only a howl or two. Things did look up a bit as Dr. Wotman is a bit of a looker, as was her assistant.
They turned the lights out, gave me a lot of hugs, and put these funny lights in front of my eyes, then a drop or two. Then, they took me away from my folks for what they said was to take a photo of my eyes. After that I was a bit disoriented thinking my folks had left me but, I was just in the wrong room.
Dr. Wotman gave the folks a good report saying my eyes looked a bit better, and I only need drops every other day which was good news. I really don’t mind the drops any more, Pop always gives them to me early in the morning, He seems to think he is buying me off with a little treat, if it makes him happy it works for me. Dr. Wotman wants to see me again in six months just to be sure nothing is getting worse.
I do find my eyes are more comfortable if I use sunglasses when out in bright lights. They said I could use reading glasses for close work, and it does seem to help a bit. (new pictures below)
So far things are going fine at the new digs, I do feel I have everything under control, fortunately my folks were fairly quick learners. I’ll keep you updated as time goes by.

2/3/13: As you can see, he is having considerable problems in trying to relax and fit in! 🙂
(pictures below)
He has been a real sweetheart until…. he decides to go into puppy mode and wants to play. The horns come out, the eyes go blood red, teeth grow 6 inches, goes into hyper drive, and anything is fair game. Don’t play to his standards, a few bites will try to correct your improper behavior. In trouble for biting you, then anything close will do. He seems to think you should romp as he probably did with his cage mates. We are working on the word NO, which he still does not want to understand, or at least pretends he does not. Each week he changes more and more, we are sure his understanding of play will change in time. So far he has become a pro at; watching TV, vacuuming, cooking, painting, electrical work, eating treats (in the beginning they were a bad thing), even found spaghetti is editable. Loves and kisses are acceptable anytime day or night. Miss the cues that he wants to go out for his business, he’ll take you by the hand and lead you to the door. No more getting in trouble for an accident in the house.
We go back to the ophthalmologist in the 15th for a follow up on his eyes. Last visit prescribed drops for his eyes, but no one had told him that it was ok to place them in his eyes. Were he a vicious dog I would be dead by now, he wanted no parts of drops!! However, gladly, we are out of that stage an he accepts them now without any issues. We have found that he does not like a hand approaching him from the front, as to pet him on the top of his head. Don’t know if it was from a bad past experience, a visit to the ophthalmologist, the drops, or just his vision.
In the last week we have found he started blowing his undercoat, started on his back at the base of the tail and has been moving up towards his head. Don’t know if it was his change in diet (same as with Marlene), new life, or ? Just seems a strange time of year for that to happen.
1/12/13: At this point it is relatively good news.
Found thin cataracts on the back of both lens, and a deformed section on the back of the right lens. Suspects that the cataracts, and lens issue, are developmental vs. inherited. Also, feels that there is a possibility he could live his life without any additional growth to the cataracts. At this point she has put him on Maxitrol drops (excessive eye discharge) and wants to see him again in 6 weeks. She feels that if there is going to be further growth that may require surgery, it will show it’s self within the next year.
Should we every require surgery, they would remove the cataracts from both eyes but, only install a lens in the left eye.
We are relieved that there is no need to rush him into surgery. If he ever requires surgery it will be down the road a bit when he is more settled in.
Teddy was again his normal lovable self during the visit.

12/16/12: This is the real Bruiser, and he has been adopted.

12/9/12: New pictures from 12/7 added.
12/8/12: For a new video click HERE.

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